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Both sides are kidnapping agents at such a rate that almost no one is left on either side.

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original title: A Spy for a Spy

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Both sides are kidnapping agents at such a rate that almost no one is left on either side. The first two seasons of "Get Smart" rank as some of the best sitcoms ever produced thanks to the work of Buck Henry and scripters Mike Marmer and Stan Burns who wrote this episode (Arne Sultan, Gerald Gardner and Dee Caruso also made up quite the staff).

This episode introduces Max's arch enemy Siegfried (Bernie Kopell) who has that rare ability to be both threatening and funny at the same time. On day one he is great as Siegfried.

I've always felt Kopell helped Adams raise his game, and he's outstanding here as well. Besides the laughs (Max's time spent alone with Miss Dvorchek--Babro Hedstrom in her US debut--does NOT go unnoticed by 99!) there is a really well done fight scene with genuine jeopardy for Smart. Best of all, it looks like Adams does his own fighting in this one. At least there is no obvious stunt double as there would be in later seasons.


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Famous newsman Arturo Medina launches a crusade against Tequila and Bonetti in his reports simply to gain more audience.

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Famous newsman Arturo Medina launches a crusade against Tequila and Bonetti in his reports simply to gain more audience.


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The wanted criminal Riddick arrives on a planet called Helion Prime, and finds himself up against an invading empire called the Necromongers, an army that plans to convert or kill all humans in the un

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original title: The Chronicles of Riddick

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imdb: 6.4

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tags: All the power in the universe can't change destiny

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Five years ago... Escaped convict Richard B. Riddick escaped from a desert planet with his two companions, religious man Imam and runaway teenage girl Jack. After five years wandering across the outskirts of the galaxy and being hunted by bounty hunters calming the bounty on his head, Riddick arrives on the colonized planet New Mecca, he learns Imam placed the bounty on his head and Jack has been imprisoned on the prison planet "Crematoria" for murder. Riddick learns from Aereon, ambassador of the Elemental race is seeking out Furians, a race of warriors in a bid to balance the universe, as a warrior army known as The Necromongers led by the evil undead Lord Marshal are invading every planet in the galaxy and cleansing all of humanity in their goal for universal conquest. Beliving Riddick is a Furian warrior, Aereon decides to hire Riddick believing he is the one man who can stop The Lord Marshal and the Necromongers. When the Necromongers attacks New Mecca, Riddick is captured by cocky bounty hunter Toombs and his crew and he is transported to Crematoria, where he reunites with Jack now named 'Kyra', where Riddick and Kyra escapes to the planet's sun ravaged surface, where Riddick helped by Necromonger warrior Vakko and his sexy wife Dame Vakko, sets out to defeat the Lord Marshal and save the universe from the Lord Marshal's rule and save the rest of humanity from being converted into Nercomonger warriors. Riddick, now a hunted man, finds himself in the middle of two opposing forces in a major crusade. Judi Dench is Aereon, an ambassador from the Elemental race. She is an ethereal being who helps Riddick unearth his origins. I thought Pitch Black was an OK movie, but it took me a long time to see this sequel to it. I always liked the character Riddick, he doesn't need special powers or anything, he should just stay as he was in Pitch Black (2000). He started off that way in this movie which I enjoyed, but then he started to do things that were not in Riddick's character. He cared about people, he tried to play the "good guy." I loved when he was a bad guy, but you still wanted him to live.

I have no complaints with Vin Diesel besides the writers changed his character a little bit. Karl Urban, and Nick Chinlund did a great job as minor bad guy (in Riddick's eyes) and I wanted them to have more screen time. I liked the idea of Keith David's character Imam returning in this film, but I didn't like the whole Kyra/Jack story line. It just doesn't fit the Riddick character we met in Pitch Black.

If you don't like sci-fi movies that create a universe and put a lot of thought into it then this movie isn't for you. This is an action movie with a sci-fi surrounding, if you don't mind that then I recommend this movie for you. It's not an awesome movie, but the characters make up for what the story lacks. It's worth a look, I guess, but don't expect much. Like I said in my summary, the story is a little weird and sometimes confusing but in a different kind of way. There are some good knife fights, but it would've been better if Riddick used more weapons than the same knife he took of a Neckromonger or whatever there called. **Very Minor plot spoilers here** Basically, a group of evil aliens called Neckromongers are taking over the universe and will either convert a prisoner to their ways, or kill them. But of course, they'll have to deal with hard-nut Riddick first, and he's also being hunted by Mercainaries and after getting Jack (from Pitch Black, back), but for some reason Jack is now called Keira. The ending has an extremely good fight, in a set which is badly done. Although there's no real 'monsters' in C.O.R, The Neckromongers are very challenging for IL' Riddick so expect lots of cool, unrealistic but very entertaining slow mo fights. Anyone who hates this film because 'it's not as good as Pithch Black' or 'I don't like the plot' is just being stupid.

This movie falls in to two genres. Sci-fi and Action, and it frequently switches between the two. But all in all, The chronicle's of Riddick is a great movie, and any sci-fi or action fan who hasn't seen it, should do so now! The special effects are extra special. The screenplay is idiotic, though, and Diesel speaks his dialogue like a Sylvester Stallone clone who never finished third grade. Escaped convict Richard Riddick (
Vin Diesel) is lured to the planet Helion Prime by Imam Abu al-Walid (Keith David) with whom he was marooned five years ago on a desert planet where they were hunted by vampiric raptors. Imam and air elemental Aereon (Judi Dench) believe that Riddick was born a Furyan and may be the only one able to stop evil Half Dead Lord Marshal (Colm Feore), the leader of a crusading warrior sect known as Necromongers who are planning to convert or kill all humans in the universe. Helion Prime is subsequently invaded by Lord Marshal, and Riddick is captured by bounty hunter Toombs (Nick Chinlund) and transported to Crematoria, a prison planet where daylight temperatures climb to over 700 degrees and nighttime temperatures plunge to 300 degrees below zero. But it's not all that bad, because Riddick learns that the only other person to have survived the raptors with him and Imam, a young girl named Jack, is also imprisoned on Crematoria. However, the Necromongers are also on their way. The Chronicles of Riddick is the second movie in the Riddick trilogy, preceded by Pitch Black (2000) (2000), which was based on a screenplay written by American screenwriters Jim Wheat, Ken Wheat, and David Twohy. Using three of the characters (Riddick, Imam, and Jack) created in Point Black, Twohy wrote the screenplay for The Chronicles of Riddick. It was followed by Riddick (2013) (2013). Disguised as a Necro warrior, Riddick returns to Helion Prime on the Necro ship to rescue Kyra (Alexa Davalos) and kill the Lord Marshal. Meanwhile, Lord Vaako (Karl Urban) is named first among Commanders making him heir apparent to Lord Marshal. Vaako and his wife (Thandie Newton) scheme to kill Lord Marshal until Dame Vaako realizes that Riddick is still alive. She suggests that Vaako let Riddick attack Lord Marshal first in order to weaken him so that Vaako can more esily strike the killing blow. As the Necro warriors assemble in the Necropolis for the "day of days" celebration, Riddick makes a leap for Lord Marshal, who easily evades him. Instead of having Riddick instantly killed, Lord Marshall invites Riddick to join with the Necromongers and shows him that Kyra has already converted. As Kyra walks past him, Riddick asks her if she's "with him", but Kyra does not reply. Riddick reacts by throwing a Furyan blade at Lord Marshall, which nicks him slightly, and they turn on each other. Using his Half Dead powers, Lord Marshal gains the upper hand. When he tries to take Riddick's soul, however, Riddick gets a rush of strength, and they go at it again. Just as Lord Marshal starts to gloat about his powers, Kyra spears him in the back. Lord Marshal retaliates by batting her across the room, impaling her on a spike. Realizing this is the best time to strike, Vaako grabs a Necro axe and makes his move but misses. Riddick picks up his Furyan knife and stabs Lord Marshal in the head, killing him. Tending to the mortally wounded Kyra, Riddick asks her once again if she is with him. "I was always with you," she says with her dying breath. In the final scene, Riddick collapses on the Necro throne, and the Necromongers kneel before him. "You keep what you kill," Riddick reminds himself. Two. To gross more at the box office, the film was heavily cut in order to obtain the financially lucrative PG-13 rating. This version was released in theatres and later on DVD. Some time later, an unrated Director's Cut found its way on the home entertainment market. It includes all the scenes that had to be cut out and adds more story to the film. It runs more than 14 minutes longer.


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The Wonder Woman


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When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny.

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original title: Wonder Woman

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When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict in the outside world, Diana, an Amazonian warrior in training, leaves home to fight a war, discovering her full powers and true destiny. When army pilot Steve Trevor crashes on the warriors' secluded island paradise, disrupting the fictitious all-female sanctuary of Themyscira created by the Gods of Olympus, Princess Diana of the immortal Amazons aids for his rescue and wins the decisive right to escort him home, heading to an early 20th Century London to stop the war she believes is influenced by the God Ares. Leaving behind the only life she's ever known and entering the cynical world of men for the first time, torn between a mission to promote peace and her own warrior upbringing, as a "Wonder Woman," Diana must fight evil in a "war to end all wars," while hoping to unlock the potential of a humanity she doesn't always understand. First impression? Wow. Second impression? Wow.

This is what Man of Steel should have been. Wonder Woman is a better Superman movie than the one we got. It has heart, it has style, it has hope, it has love, it has comedy, it has action. Patti Jenkins did a fantastic job directing this movie. This is not a great female superhero film. It's not a great superhero film. It is a great film.

Gal Gadot plays a tremendous Diana Prince. Lilly Aspell plays an adorable young Diana. I feel like she nailed it as well. Not only was she very cute, but she showed a lot of the same determination that Diana shows. The other Amazons were also really good. Patti made a good choice having all the extras be real life athletes and such play the parts. Every single one of them look like they could kick your ass.

I feel Steve's introduction was handled well, and the interaction between him and her was perfect. Like the film itself, it had heart, style, laughter, and love. Not that the it made a big deal about them loving each other. It was done very organically in my opinion. You could see and feel the connection growing between the two of them, but it never felt that it was over done.

I absolutely loved Lucy Davis as Etta. This is another good quality on display here. It's still done in a "realistic" sort of way. Etta is still a strong woman, but she is still a woman of her time. She's not weak at all, in fact she is quite strong. But she doesn't suddenly become a hero just because she's a woman. She's stronger than you might expect, but not in an exaggerated way. Instead she's also quite human. Cute and funny, yes, but still a woman from that era.

Which brings me to another point. I'll admit I had some doubts about how awesome this would be. The hype from some of the more hard-core feminists made me worry that it was going to be a typical "strong woman" movie. The ones where the women can do everything and the men are just bumbling idiots (to be fair, this does happen the other way around, and it's irritating then too). But Patti didn't do that.

It is a female led superhero movie, but it doesn't feel like it was directed that way. Instead Patti just focused on making a good movie. Yes, the star is female, Yes, the director is female. And yes, there are quite a few powerful women, but the kicker is that it wasn't the goal. It wasn't even really the heart of the movie. It doesn't feel like there's any "agenda". It's just a very well done movie.

Diana is very clearly the star (as she should be) and doesn't take a back seat to Steve at all. However, he is definitely not worthless. He's still a very competent soldier and Diana would have run into serious problems if she had tried to go solo. Which makes sense, she is unfamiliar with our world. She has spent her entire life on Themyscira and was clearly naive about our world.

Which humanized her. She was clearly a goddess and a powerful being, but unlike Man of Steel, she was shown to have heart and was someone you could relate to. Or as Patti put it, she's a warrior and a goddess, but she's still a woman. And there's nothing wrong with that! I've known similar women in my life. Women who seem about as girly as a pile of mud, but offer them flowers or something pretty and they get all giddy. Not that Diana gets giddy, but she shows clear signs of still being a woman. Despite the fact that she could kill just about anyone. Back to the movie itself.

I also feel that it is very well paced. There's action before it ever gets boring. There's well placed and appropriate dialogue. There's a variety of emotions and scenery. This film very much stands out from the rest of the DCEU. The other films so far have seemed rather dark and dreary, this film has hope. There are dark and dreary parts, but they are interspersed with light and beauty. It has balance, something lacking in the rest of the DCEU offerings.

OK, so that's a partial list of my praises for the movie (Did I mention it's awesome?). Now on to the critiques.

Most of them are minor and are basically common movie complaints. The first battle scene was pretty cool, but I felt the Amazonians came across as a bit stupid. Which they wouldn't be. Couple of other small things like that here and there, but nothing particularly memorable.

Except for the ending. The final fight. It had some cool parts and it was well choreographed, but it didn't feel like it belonged in this movie. It went from Patti's movie to Synder's movie. It's possible Snyder wasn't involved at all in the final fight sequence, but it certainly felt like he was. Compared to the rest of the movie this was mostly lackluster and rather typical. I'm not saying it was horrible, it just isn't nearly as good as the rest of the film.

Overall I easily give this a 9/10. It's good enough that I watched it twice and thoroughly enjoyed it both times.

People who should watch this movie.

People who like comic book movies and/or superheroes People who like strong female heroes People who like movies set in a war zone People who like movies with great dialogue

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After his clash with Happosai, Ranma manages to get his hands on the Crimson-Moss Urn. After deciphering its code, Ranma and the others find themselves at the Cat Caf辿 in search of the Golden-Moss Ur

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Never take your mistress on an annual guys' getaway, especially one devoted to hunting - a violent lesson for three wealthy married men.

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Non portare mai la tua amata in una fuga annuale di ragazzi, specialmente quella dedicata alla caccia, una lezione violenta per tre ricchi uomini sposati. 鏤

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When three street Gangs (The Dreads, The Shavers and The Dragons) terrorize a neighborhood, four of the toughest street fighters (Tina, Cheif, Conner and Jhvier) join forces to help stop ...DOWNLOAD